La Scène


Vincent MAUGER EXHIBITION / Monument synthétique

The viewer is struck by a sense of fragile balance when faced with Vincent Mauger’s sculpture. Monumental and solid, it nonetheless seems strangely unstable. Beyond its simple outline, the viewer’s gaze is drawn into the cut-outs and complex assemblages that generate a thousand perspectives and as many interpretations.

A mysterious, ruined vestige against the cellar walls, Monument Synthétique lends a strange poetry to its materials. It upsets our perception of space, creating its own original and surprising landscape.


The collaboration between the Maison Ackerman and Fontevraud La Scène developed from a common objective: to establish an artist’s residency where original works of art could be produced in an out of the ordinary environment. A long-term programme, each year the residency invites submissions of project proposals. A jury of respected individuals from the art world selects an artist whose work is then exhibited for a period of three years. 

FROM April 22 TO December 31, 2017 /

Schedule : 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Rate : 5 € / PASSeurs : 3 €
Appropriate for : All audience Language :