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Another take on modern art

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Edgar Degas, Maurice de Vlaminck, Albert Marquet, Kees van Dongen, Robert Delaunay, Juan Gris, André Derain, Germaine Richier, and more. So many names who left their mark on the history of art and feature in Martine and Léon Cligman’s extensive collection of modern art, which was built up throughout their lifetime.

To reconstruct the history of art from the perspective of a collector

The new museum will be known for the story it seeks to tell: a representation of the spirit of a collection.

The reproduction of a “museum of the imagination”, a highly personal and even emotional work of the mind, leads the visitor to enter into a universe of forms and understand the perspective that guided the choices in terms of acquisitions.

Drawing on the richness and variety of this collection, the exhibition will reveal the fascinating approach which consisted of passing from a private universe to a public space, to enable visitors to experience an interpretation that transcends space and time due to the juxtaposition of cultural artefacts and different eras. They will also discover artists through the eyes of discerning art lovers from the second half of the 20th century.

Albert Marquet, Le Quai des Grands-Augustins, vers 1904-1906

The collection includes:

  • – More than a hundred paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries, from Toulouse-Lautrec and Camille Corot to Robert Delaunay, Juan Gris, Georges Rouault, Chaïm Soutine and Bernard Buffet.
  • – Nearly 300 drawings, including 36 original illustrations for Pétrone’s Satyricon by André Derain.
  • – Sculptures by Edgar Degas, André Derain, and in particular, a remarkable collection of fourteen works by Germaine Richier.
  • – 88 spectacular pieces of glassware by Maurice Marinot.
  • – Antiques and pieces from outside Europe (Mesopotamian, Egyptian and Cycladic, African, Oceanian, Asian and Amerindian).
Photo de l’en-tête : Chaïm Soutine, Les Oranges sur fond vert, 1916, huile sur toile

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    L’Abbaye Royale et le musée d’Art moderne sont ouverts tous les jours de 10h00 à 20h00.



    Nous sommes heureux de vous présenter l’exposition Métamorphoses. Dans l’art de Claude Monet visible au musée d’Art moderne

    Et le parcours d’art, à découvrir dans les bâtiments et les jardins de l’abbaye, incontournable : l’exposition Étendu” de Françoise Pétrovitch dans l’abbatiale.
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