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A green committed hotel

Fontevraud L’Hotel and Fontevraud Le Restaurant are committed to sustainable development. Everything has been designed to combine the well-being of the host and respect for the environment. We earned the demanding ISO 26000 label.

Moutons de l'Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud



The heating and hot water of the Hotel are entirely provided by the wood pellet boiler, making it possible to free itself from fossil fuels. The insulation is maximum, thanks to the integral double glazing but also to the thick original walls of the priory Saint-Lazare: they allow low energy consumption and avoid the use of an air conditioning system.


In addition to the boiler room and solar panels, the Fontevraud Energy Pole also has a high-efficiency composter.  Comfort, always, but associated with a real ecological commitment!


Bio-waste is transformed into compost for the 13 hectares of a landscaped park particularly concerned about biodiversity. Local skills – and therefore short supply chains – are favoured in the Hotel as well as in the entire Royal Abbey of Fontevraud. In the rooms, it is the 100% natural artisanal soap made in Fontevraud that is offered.


Committed to an eco-responsible approach, at the breakfast of the Hotel, we taste the honey produced only a few meters away! Indeed, the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud has its own hives.

Since 2013, in the undergrowth as well as in the Bourbon Park, the hives buzz with the harmonious and supportive work of hundreds of thousands of foragers echoing the old monastic life. There are about forty hives set up with a production between 1000 and 1800 kg of honey every year.


A true ecological hotel, Fontevraud l’Hôtel aims to reduce its environmental impact and promote selective sorting. The establishment also offers its own water, from its source and served in the various dining areas.

Les ruches de l'Abbaye de Fontevraud



In the middle of Fontevraud Le Restaurant, the cloister of the priory hosts one of the vegetable gardens that supplies the Chef’s kitchen with organic vegetables and aromatic plants. Short circuits are privileged in the supply of all products and foods for all services ranging from breakfast to dinner. The Abbey even has its own hives!

retour en haut

Plus que quelques jours pour admirer le parcours d’art dont les expositions de Bachelot & Caron et les œuvres de Georges Jeanclos dans l’abbatiale.

> Découvrez la programmation jusqu’au 4 mars. ❄️​


L’entrée à l’Abbaye royale et au musée d’Art moderne est gratuite pour les moins de 18 ans et les étudiants de moins de 25 ans.